Thursday 29 March, 2012

Red Bull Cold Rush 2012

red bull cold rush

We are big fans of Red Bull here at BC…..

We are big fans of Red Bull here at BC. They have a world-class roster of atheletes from the F1 team to snowboarder Travis Rice, they consistently come up with the most exciting events such as Stratos, and as a business they are one of the most innovative companies out out there. And let’s not forget that they started life as an energy drink manufacturer.

Set in the North American mountain  resort of Silverton, Colorado, the second annual Red Bull Cold Rush competition, part of Red Bull’s Signature Series,  sees some of the world’s best skiers fighting it out for the title of best backcountry skier.

The skiers compete in three disciplines, Big Mountain (skiing down very steep terrain), Slopestyle (all about doing huge jumps) and Cliffs (to put it simply, dropping off big cliffs!) with the winner taking the best overall score.

The competition ran from 5th-8th March and is showing on NBC in the US. Let’s hope the show makes it across the pond, this is definitely not one to miss.

Check some footage below;

Words by Chris BC

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