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Exclusive: Interview with Josh Beech from Cut & Run London


Model and musician, Josh Beech, answers questions about his new label ‘Cut and Run London’.

When and how did the Cut & Run London label come about?

JB: ‘Cut and Run’ started just over a year ago, originally as a bit of a trial to see if people would be into the t shirts that I had designed and to ultimately see if people would buy them. Me and my previous partner gave up on the idea after me moving to LA in the summer of 2012. A couple of months into my move I missed working on ‘Cut and Run’ and thought it had potential as a business if I had a good business partner who shared the same passion as me for designing cool threads that we dig and kids wanna wear. That’s when Dean came in and since then everything has been going really well. It’s a great partnership.

What inspired the ‘Dagger & Razor’ logo design?

JB: Dean actually designed the Logo. I think it works really well with the name and stands out from other brands.

Do you have a tattoo of it? If so, did you get it before or after the label began?

JB: NOT YET LOL!….. But i am sure I will leave some space for one haha

How do the designs go down in LA?

JB: The people of LA are really into it. There are a lot of skater kids and surfers here and they are some of our main customers.

How does South London compare to LA? In other words what do we have that they don’t?!

JB: I love south London, LA doesn’t quite have the same charm if you know what I mean!! LA does have exceptionally good food though and the weather is fucking awesome.

Does the look of the brand reflect your musical style? Is music essentially the spirit behind the brand?

JB: Not at all, I love music and listen to pretty much anything i can get my hands onto listen too. Music is more the spirit behind the blog but not the whole brand.

How does modelling for your own brand’s campaign compare with modelling for the likes of Burberry and Moschino?

JB: It was really cool actually. I enjoyed it a lot. It was nice to feel part of the whole production of a shoot and not just be in the picture.

Is there anyone you wouldn’t want to see wearing a tee or beanie?

JB: Nope, I am open to everyone from Pat Butcher (eastenders legend) to Justin Bieber wearing our brand!

Modelling, music and now fashion… what next?

JB: The world…