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Erb N Dub | Artist Profile | 3rd January 2013 | BeatCulture.net

Erb N Dub is a talented producer from the South East of England, UK. He produces hard hitting, drum and bass, dubstep and drumstep and has collaborated and continues to work with a number of artists from Navigator, Skibadee, Axl Ender, Tony Anthem and Eksman.

He continues to build a number of brands and side projects, these include Hashtag – a collaboration with longtime friend KG.

Hashtag – Hurt & Pain (audio)

Erb N Heroes is a collaboration between Erb N Dub and punk band Underground Heroes, drawing on influences from dubstep, drumstep and punk.

Erb N Heroes – No Prayers

BeatCulture.net caught up with Dubz for the third installment of the BC and Urban Hit Promo collab. We discussed his past influences and what drives him as an artist.

Artist Profile: Erb N Dub

Where did your name come from?
My name came from when I was younger. Back then myself and Harry Shotta were chilling in my bedroom studio and zoning to music. We were talking about names and out of a blaze of smoke – Erb N Dub was born.

What artists inspired you to make music?
Wow there is a lot. From – The Police to Aphex Twin, to Earth Wind and Fire to Roni Size. As I come from a live drum background I took and take inspiration from everywhere.

Was there a defining moment that made you want to make music?
Not really. I grew up playing drums; it naturally evolved into producing dance music.

How influential was reggae culture to you in the development of your style? Any artists?

Very! I took massive influence in my early drumming style and then into making D&B. In 2010 I started working with Navigator. He has helped me hugely.

What sort of influence did soul, jazz and funk have on you? Any artists?
All three genres influenced my music. Quincy Jones is one of my main heroes.

What was the album, artist or song that made you want to make music? (most inspirational).
The Aphex Twin – ‘Richard D James’ album is mind blowing. After hearing that I knew I wanted to produce music.

Top 3 MCs of all time?
In D&B – Navigator, Det & Skibadee.

Top 3 DJs off all time?
In D&B – Hype, Andy C & Crissy Criss.

Top 3 Producers of all time?
In D&B – Original Sin, Dillinja & Pendulum.

Top 3 albums of all time?
Red Snapper – ‘Price Blimey’
Roni Size – ‘Reprazent’
Asian Dub Foundation – ‘Rafi’s Revenge’

What set up do you use? Any specific equipment?

I use a Mac Pro Tower. I am lucky enough to be a Steinberg endorsed artist so the most up to date version of Cubase, which is currently 7.

I use Yamaha MSP 7 monitors and Dynaudio BM6s for writing.

Most successful track to date?
Ermmmm… I’m not really sure to be honest. Most of my 2012 tracks/remixes/co labs have had a great response.

Plans for the future?
Wow…. At present I am looking to push Hashtag to the forfront of D&B, find a record deal for Erb N Heroes and release music of any genre I want as Erb N Dub.

Current favourite artists?
Metrik, Knife Party & Skism

Current projects?
Erb N Heroes

Be sure to check out Erb N Dub online at:


Words by Jamie BC.

Drum and bass MCs on tracks? (part 1) | Weekly Features | BeatCulture.net

I am one of the biggest fans of jungle and drum and bass emceeing. It is a very difficult skill to master, it requires as much attention as any of the other genres. It also provided the blueprint for the garage MCs, then the grime MCs and so on.

There are some seriously talented rave MCs out there, from Stevie Hyper D (RIP), Skibadee, Navigator, Ragga Twins, Trigga, Spyda, Fearless, Shabba, Det, Dynamite, Harry Shotta, Eksman, Herbzie, Shorts, Fatman D, Foxy, Evil B and the list goes on.

There are also some brilliant host MCs from GQ, SP, 2Shy, ID, Rage, Verse and Jakes.

The differentiation between these two styles of emceeing within the genre is wide – one style (the host) is purely there to support the DJ or producer (shows like Chase & Status etc) and the other style (the rave MC) is there to both support the DJ and show off their lyrical prowess.

Unfortunately the latter, has never really broken out of the underground. Skibadee was signed to Relentless (Virgin records) in 2002 and the legendary Stevie Hyper D was signed to Island Records before he passed away in 1998. There have been some vocal releases which have made some waves but all in all, the acclaim has never really been given.

In my opinion, knowing the history between the ragga vocal and jungle in the 90s, consistently it appeared that vocals involving MCs of the genre had been pushed to the back by the big name producers. Of course the exception to the rule was ‘Mo’ Fire’ by Navigator & Rawhill Crew. This was produced by DJ Fresh and Bad Company.

Will we ever see an underground drum and bass MC become a star? will we see a ground breaking MC based tune outside of ‘Brown Paper Bag’, ‘Mo Fire’ or ‘Tarantula’?

The subject of the drum and bass MC and rave MC is something we will continue to explore over the coming weeks.

Roni Size & Dynamite MC – Brown Paper Bag (full vocal version)

Navigator, Spyda & Soultrain (Rawhill Crew) – Mo Fire (Bad Company Remix)

Pendulum (Pendulum vs fresh ft Spyda & Tenor Fly) – Tarantula

Examples of how it could be done, but never reached the full potential hits they could of been.

The legendary track and one of the stand out tunes from Stevie Hyper’s posthumous album.

Dfrnt Lvls (Feat. Stevie Hyper D) – Flexin Today

The below track is not by a drum and bass MC, in fact it features legendary UK MC – Million Dan from groundbreaking hip-hop crew Demon Boyz. What is apparent here is the style in which he is spitting, very clearly a jungle/soundboy style.

Deekline & Ed Solo – Paella (Blaze It Up) ft. Million Dan

Or the Eksman track ‘Na Blood’ which in an odd way became a rave anthem (lyrically) despite never really being played at raves. This is about the closest you will get to road rap on a drum and bass tune.

Eksman feat. Shortston & Herbszie – Na Blood

Words by Jamie BC.

Image taken at OTM in 2001 by Duncan Longden.