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Navigator | Artist Profile | 4th December 2012 | BeatCulture.net

This series of artist profiles or mini-interviews is about connecting the past, present and future of a wide range of artists from a variety of genres. A collaborative project between Vancouver, Canada based company Urban Hit Promotions and BeatCulture.net.

We will be talking to artists from drum and bass, jungle, hip-hop, dubstep, reggae and more. We will be showing the connection and history of artists across these genres and the common bonds between all beat driven music, whatever the genre.

Navigator is a legend. Check the below documentary (in 2 parts) we released this summer for evidence. A massive supporter of Beat Culture and Urban Hit Promotions, it was only right that when we united to deliver this project Navi was the first artist we profiled.

Navigator: Artist Profile

I am a UK reggae soundboy, jungle, ragga MC and versatile artist that can integrate my vocals into practically any genre of music.

Where did your name come from?
The name Navigator was given to me by a friend who said I am a leader who has a profound ability to show people the way forward in music and life in general. I am always setting the pace and staying ahead of the game by virtue of my executive creative artistic skills.

What artists inspired you to make music?
Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Barrington Levi, Sugar Minnot, Gregory Isaac, Lone Ranger, Ranking Joe, David Rodigan, Killamanjaro Sound, Jah Tubbys UK sound, jungle music, Busta Rhymes & Biggie Smalls. To name a few.

Was there a defining moment that made you want to make music?
Listening to Lone Ranger on a Killamanjaro sound cassette tape and his album M16 in 1979 when I left school.

How influential was reggae culture to you in the development of your style? Any artists?
Rocksteady, Bluebeat, Ska & Studio 1. Jamaican and UK Reggae Dancehall/Lovers Rock and soundsystem culture is the whole reason why I make music. Most Influential artists: Dennis Brown, Bob Marley & King U-Roy, and Brigadier Jerry & Lone Ranger. Sounds: King Stur Gav, Killamanjaro, Metro Media, Stereo One, King Jammys, and Youthman Promotion.

What sort of influence did soul; jazz and funk have on you? Any artists?
Soul & Jazz, Funk were also big influences for me. James Brown, Al Green, Steve Arrington, Herbie Hancock, George Benson, Evelyn Champagne King, Tom Tom Club etc…

What was the album, artist or song that made you want to make music? (most inspirational).
Bob Marley ‘Exodus’ Album & ‘Redemption’ Song. Dennis Brown ‘Revolution’. John Lennon ‘Imagine’.

Top 3 MCs of all time?
Brigadier Jerry, Lone Ranger, Busta Rhymes.

Top 3 albums of all time?
Exodus – Bob Marley, M16 – Lone Ranger, Ready to Die – Notorious BIG.

Most successful track to date?

Ruffneck – Freestylers feat Navigator

Plans for the future?
To make original classic music that gives people a positive and uplifting vibration and to spread a feeling of well being in general.

Current favourite artists?
Taurrus Riley, Christopher Martin & Etana

Current projects?
Promoting and marketing my label and brand ODT Muzik and recording new music in any genre that gives me artistic/creative inspiration.

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